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May 20, 2011

Our worship service this Sunday will feature music by Bruce & Sherry Townsend and Dot Ryon while Tom Sooy is on vacation.  The Townsend’s will be leading us in singing some special hymns.  Dot will be at the organ console. 

Pastor will be speaking from John 14:1-14.

* * * * *

Please remember in prayer ~

Dick Waters

Don Mills

Bereaved families

Flood victims

* * * * *

Bird Song – Read Psalm 104:24-35

Why do birds sing? Birds sing “because they can and because they must,” says David Rothenberg, a professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. “Songs are used to attract mates and defend territories, but the form is much more than function. Nature is full of beauty, and of music.”

Birds sing because they have a syrinx instead of a larynx. The syrinx is the bird’s voice box, an organ that lies deep in a bird’s chest and is uniquely fashioned for song. That, at least, is the natural explanation for their gift.

But I ask again, why do birds sing? Because their Creator put a song in their hearts. Each bird is “heaven’s high and holy muse,” said John Donne, created to draw our hearts up to our Creator. They are reminders that He has given us a song that we may sing His praise.

So when you hear God’s little hymn-birds singing their hearts out, remember to sing your own song of salvation. Lift up your voice—harmonious, hoarse, or harsh—and join with them in praise to our Creator, Redeemer, and Lord.

The birds of the air “sing among the branches,” Israel’s poet observes. “[Therefore] I will sing to the Lord as long as I live; I will sing praise to my God while I have my being”

(Ps. 104:12, 33).  

David H. Roper from Our Daily Bread June 21, 2008

* * * * *

This Week in Our Church . . .


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            10:45 Refreshments

            11:00 Worship & Confirmation Class


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            12:00 Evergreens

              6:30 Weeknight Bible Study


            11:30 Cemetery Committee

              7:00 Chancel Choir Rehearsal



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