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May 13, 2011

“Father, we love you, we worship and adore you, glorify thy name in all the earth; glorify thy name, glorify thy name, glorify thy name in all the earth.” ~ “Glorify Thy Name” by Donna Adkins (Hymn 146)

This Sunday during the 9:30 worship service we celebrate the baptism of Corinne Evalyn Saindon, daughter of Mark and Cynthia Saindon, sister of Louisa Ann, and granddaughter of Jerry and Joan Hoenes and Martin and Ann Saindon.  Come welcome this little one into the Family of God!

Pastor will be speaking from John 10:1-10.

* * * * *

The Christian Readers Book Club has been rescheduled to June 1st at 7 p.m. in Cobb Lounge.  We will discuss The Good Earth by Pearl Buck.

* * * * *

There will be a brief meeting in the game room during coffee hour Sunday for all parents of children entering 5th through 8th grades to discuss plans for next year’s A2J youth group.  Other interested church members are also invited to attend. 

* * * * *

Remember, Deadlines are Important!

“Good Morning” (Sunday bulletin announcements) – Noon Thursday

“The Presby Post” (Friday email) – Noon Thursday

“Good News” (Monthly newsletter) – 20th of the month (Next Friday!)

Articles are to be in writing and submitted to the office (email preferred) by that day.  Please keep in mind it may be necessary to edit due to space limitations.

* * * * *

Please remember in prayer ~

The many bereaved families in our church

Don Mills

Victims of Mississippi River flooding

Continued unrest around the world

* * * * *

Selfish Christianity – Read John 6:22-27

Which interests you more—who Jesus is or what He can do for you? I’m afraid that too many of us are more concerned about what He can give us than we are about getting to know who He is.

But this is nothing new—Jesus had this problem when He walked on earth. The crowds often sought Him out for what He could do for them. Even though their needs were quite often legitimate, Christ knew their motives.

There is a fine line between selfishly trying to use the Lord to get what we want and humbly coming to Him with our needs and struggles. Some of the issues we bring to Him are so pressing and urgent in our minds that our desire for Him to take action in the way we want becomes greater than our willingness to submit to His will. At times, what we call “faith” is really a demanding spirit.

We must remember that our needs will come to an end, but Jesus Christ will remain forever. If our prayers have dealt only with presenting our requests to the Lord, we’ve missed a great opportunity to get to know the One with whom we’ll spend eternity. Let’s invest time in pursuing intimacy with Christ. Then we can enjoy the benefits of that relationship forever.

How much of your communion with God is devoted to your needs—even legitimate ones? Are you spending any time getting to know the Lord? Although God delights in our prayers and tells us to pray about everything, He also wants us to come to Him just because we enjoy being with Him. 

By Dr. Charles Stanley

* * * * *

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            12:00 Serve at Sister Jean’s

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Saturday          Armed Forces Day

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