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December 4, 2009

This Sunday we light the 2nd candle on our Advent wreath – the candle of Promise.  May the Lord prepare our hearts for the promise of the Christ Child as we gather at His Table.

Pastor will be speaking from Luke 3:1-6.

* * * * *

Following the 11:00 service will be our December Agape Lunch.  A chicken and stuffing casserole is on the menu.  We’ll sing some carols and share with one another some of our family holiday traditions.  Join us!  Cost is $5 for adults and $3 for kids.

* * * * *

There are still some tags left on our Angel Tree.  Take one, and make a difference in the life of a child.  Gifts are due back Sunday, Dec. 13.

* * * * *

Sign ups are due this week for the Evergreens Luncheon on Dec. 16 and our birthday party for Jesus, Dec. 13. 

* * * * *

Forms for poinsettias to decorate our sanctuary on Christmas Eve are available.  The deadline to order is Monday, Dec. 14.  Check your Sunday bulletin or follow the link on our website.

Forms for Mission Bouquets are available as well if you would like to donate to our mission programs and projects.  These must be in the office by Dec. 20. 

* * * * *

A commemorative DVD set is now available for purchase between church services.  The set includes 4 DVDs from our anniversary weekend May 16-17, 1 DVD of photos from our historical church archives and audio files from worship on May 17.  A newly added DVD features our church families from past church picture directories beginning in the 1970’s to our most recent in 2006.  The cost for the entire 6 DVD set is $15.00.

Also available are the Christmas ornaments of our church for $15 each and the group photo of our Sunday School for $2.

* * * * *

The holiday mailboxes are in the hallway once again.  Feel free to exchange holiday greetings, etc.  Your 2010 offering envelopes are already there waiting for you to pick up.  Soon an updated Church Directory will be there as well.   

* * * * *

Please remember in prayer ~

Janet Gee

Ida Juhrs

Eddie Haldeman

Roger Wolcott

May Clay

Frank Loeb

* * * * *

Preparation - or lack of it!

To avoid offending anybody, the school dropped religion altogether and
started singing about the weather. At my son's school, they now hold the
winter program in February and sing increasingly non-memorable songs such as
"Winter Wonderland," "Frosty the Snowman" and--this is a real song--"Suzy
Snowflake," all of which is pretty funny because we live in Miami. A visitor
from another planet would assume that the children belonged to the Church of

Dave Barry in his "Notes on Western Civilization" Chicago Tribune Magazine,
July 28, 1991

* * * * *

This Week in Our Church . . .


Sunday                        Communion                

              8:45 Breakfast

              9:30 Sunday School & Worship

            10:45 Refreshments

            11:00 Worship & Lions & Lambs

            12:15 Agape Lunch

              1:00 Christmas Musical Rehearsal


              1:30 Bible Study

              6:00 KFC/Senior Youth



              1:00 Cemetery Committee    


              9:00 PB & J (see John Harvey)

            10:00 Martha Circle

            12:00 Serve at Sister Jean’s

              6:30 Handbell Choir Rehearsal

              7:45 Chancel Choir Rehearsal


              1:00 Ruth Circle

              6:00 “Back to Mayberry”


Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. - I Corinthians 13:7
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