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September 25, 2009

Come bask in the sunshine of God’s presence as we worship this Sunday.  Tom Sooy will be preaching this Sunday while Pastor & Mrs. Cobb are away.  Tom will be speaking from Mark 9:38-40.

* * * * * *

Our dear friend, Joel Kelly, will be ordained and installed as pastor of the Hodges Presbyterian Church in Hodges, SC this Sunday.  Pastor Cobb will be preaching during the ordination service. 

We offer God the praise for leading Joel and Pam to this church family!

Joel and Pam have been settling into their new home the past couple of weeks.    Their new address is:

Rev. & Mrs. Joel & Pam Kelly

4810 Main Street

Hodges, SC 29653


* * * * * *

In case you’re wondering why the Presby Post is early this week (yes, we do know it’s only Thursday) the office will be closed Friday through Tuesday.  All pastoral needs are to be directed to Rev. Gerry Reedell.

* * * * * *

The October issue of the Good News is in the mail!  Our website will be updated soon.

* * * * * *

Tickets for the pork and sauerkraut dinner on Saturday, October 17th, are on sale now!  The dinner will start at 5 p.m. A concert by Tom Sooy and Tom Piccirilli will follow in the sanctuary.  Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for children. 

* * * * * *

Notice to all Elders and Committee Chairmen – Please pick up the evaluation packets for personnel from your mailbox.  The evaluations should be completed by October 26 and returned to the Personnel mailbox. 

* * * * * *

Don’t forget this Saturday is our big yard sale and barbeque!  This is planned each year to run in conjunction with Absecon’s Downtown Fair.   Stop in between 8-2 to browse the tables and get a bite to eat.  It should be a great day!

* * * * * *

Please remember in prayer ~

Grace Gras

Pastor & Mrs. Cobb away at Joel’s ordination

Joel Kelly on his ordination today in Hodges, SC

Sonny Kleiner

Norm Johnson

Peg Merrill

Roger Wolcott

Families of Tom Speitel (died Sept. 19) and Lois Reed (died Sept. 22)

* * * * * *

Designed to Be Lived Up

Ted Engstrom of World Vision fame tells how one day he was cleaning out an old desk drawer. He found a flashlight he hadn't used in a year. He turned it on but there was no light. He shook it, and then he unscrewed one end to release what were probably dead batteries. The batteries wouldn't come out, but finally, after some effort, he shook them loose. What a mess he found! Corroded batteries with liquid acid seeping all over the mechanism - all because he hadn't used the flashlight regularly!

Batteries are designed to be turned on, to be used, not neglected or ignored. What you and I refuse to use we will surely lose. We're meant to be turned on, too. Our gifts are to be used! Our lives are not meant to be "waited out" but to be lived up! Are you and I living up to the gifts and talents God has given us? What kind of commitment do we have to ourselves and to the graces within us?

Richard W. Patt, Partners in the Impossible, CSS Publishing Co., Inc.

* * * * * *

This Week in Our Church . . .

Friday              Office Closed


              8-2 Yard Sale/barbecue and Downtown Fair

Sunday            Tom Sooy preaching  

              8:45 Breakfast

              9:30 Sunday School & Worship

            10:45 Refreshments

            11:00 Worship & Lions & Lambs

              7:00 Christianity’s Family Tree

Monday           Office Closed

              6:00 KFC & Senior Youth

Tuesday           Office Closed



              6:30 Handbell Choir Rehearsal

              7:45 Chancel Choir Rehearsal


              1:00 Ruth Circle at Betsy Cunius’


              8:30 Doug Jablonski Men’s Fellowship Communion Breakfast

            11:00 Wedding of Cathy Follansbee & Rich Guenther

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. - I Corinthians 13:7
The Presbyterian Church at Absecon
208 New Jersey Avenue
Absecon, New Jersey 08201