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January 30, 2009

Come welcome our MS Mission Team home as we gather Sunday at our Lord’s Table!  Pastor will be speaking from Mark 1:21-28.

* * * * *

Our first Agape Luncheon will be this Sunday following the 11:00 service.  Come for a time of good food and fellowship!  No sign up is necessary and the cost is $5.00.

* * * * *

Our Winter Fundraiser continues through the month of February.  Can we break the thermometer again this year?

* * * * *

Mission Team members will be back in Jersey tomorrow afternoon/evening.  Those who took the church van will be pulling in sometime in the wee hours Sunday morning.  Praise God for a great week!  Norm Johnson suffered the only injury when he caught his thumb in the van door.  He’s doing better at this writing, but it’s still sore. 

* * * * *

After compiling all the information from your responses to the survey to reduce mailing costs, the Trustees have decided to table the proposed changes using email or picking up communications.  The savings did not justify making the change since 200 pieces are needed for the bulk mailing rate.  All mailings have resumed until further notice.

Louise Speitel (our very own webmaster) updates our website with the Good News and the monthly calendar each month shortly after publication.   

* * * * *

Tickets for the King’s Choraliers Dinner/Concert will go on sale Wednesday, Feb. 4.  See or call Joanie.

* * * * *

Please remember in prayer ~

Dawn Duran & Olive Brown – recovering from surgeries

Norm Johnson & Marjorie Hamer - healing

Marge Conover – transferred to Absecon Manor

Ida Juhrs

Evelyn Cashner

Bill Bagot - chemo

Joe Delaurentis – fighting infection

* * * * *

Now I See - Read 1 Corinthians 2:6-10

On my morning commute, I often see a blind man with his guide dog. When the man enters the train, the dog waits for his master to be seated, then scoots himself backward under the seat and out of everyone's way. As the train leaves the stop just before his master's, the dog quietly slips out from under the seat and sits at the man's feet. As the train slows, the dog begins to lead his master to the door. No announcement is made on the train's PA system, and nothing visible indicates our nearness to their destination. But the dog knows without fail which is his master's stop.

God has given us senses and sentience much more than that guide animal has. Yet often we stumble blindly through life, wondering what God wants us to do. We pass by God-given opportunities to display Christ living in us. We continue to other destinations, driven by our own will, not God's. More than the man relies on the guide dog, we can rely on God to lead us by the Holy Spirit. Obeying God may bring us to our everyday surroundings or to a place far from all that is familiar to us. Wherever we follow Christ, God will make our dark places light and the path before us clear.

Allan Tarr (Georgia, U.S.A.) from Upper Room, February 15, 2007

* * * * *

This Week in Our Church . . .

Sunday            Communion   

              8:45 Breakfast

              9:30 Sunday School & Worship

            10:45 Refreshments

            11:00 Worship & KFC

            12:15 Agape Luncheon


              1:15 Bible Study

              6:00 Senior Youth


              7:00 Personnel Committee


              7:00 New Members Class in Sanctuary

              7:00 Sarah Circle in Cobb Lounge


              4:30 Lions & Lambs

              6:30 Handbell Choir Rehearsal

              7:45 Chancel Choir Rehearsal


            Senior Youth Ski Weekend


              8:30 Doug Jablonski Men’s Fellowship Breakfast  


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