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January 9, 2009

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate Baptism of the Lord Sunday.  Pastor will be speaking from Mark 1:1-11.

* * *

Our 2 Cents a Meal offering will be received Sunday.  Please use the lunch containers at the entrances to the sanctuary for your donations.

* * *

The Annual Report booklet will be available for pick up on Sunday!  Look for them in the pew racks.  An additional supply will be in a box by the mailboxes in the hallway. 

(At this time there is no online version of the booklet for those who chose to receive mailings by email.  Should one become available you’ll find it in your inbox.)

* * *

It’s time for another Soup Sale sponsored by the Fellowship Committee.  Choose from split pea, turkey noodle, sweet and sour cabbage, cheese and broccoli, corn chowder, escarole and meatball and vegetable beef barley ($5 per quart).  Come to Madden Hall Sunday from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. to pick your favorites!

* * *

Our Annual Meeting will be held January 18.  There will be one service at 10:00 with the meeting following.  Lunch will be served after the meeting.

* * *

Beginning February 1st we will be holding monthly luncheons following the 11:00 service.  There will be a light meal and celebration of birthdays and anniversaries for that month.  There will be occasional programs or guest speakers on topics of interest to our congregation.  Always we will enjoy the fellowship and pleasure of each others company.  Plan on joining us.  The cost is $5 per person.  Anyone interested in helping or giving a presentation please contact Janice Piccirilli at 652-2850.

* * *

Please remember in prayer ~

Carol Thomas – surgery January 19

Robert Mellon – recovering from sinus surgery

Our MS Mission Team – leaving January 24

Congregational meeting next Sunday

Peace in Gaza

Those suffering from the weather

* * *

Slow Down! – Read Genesis 1:1-19

I have worked nights most of my adult life. Every night, I take a few moments to reflect on the day's events. I step outside the plant where I work and look southeast. On a moonless, cold, clear night in the country, I feel that I can see forever. I always crane my neck around to catch a glimpse of the constellations. I've been watching Orion every winter since I was a boy. The red twinkle of Betelgeuse and the fuzziness of the Great Orion Nebula are reassuring to me.

Since I am up at dawn, I often check out the sunrise as well. Most winter mornings the sunrise is pretty spectacular; colors of red, orange, and pink reflect off ice crystals in the clouds.

I know how the sun, moon, and stars seem to rise and move across the sky, but I don't know why. That God set all of this into motion at the beginning of time is mind-boggling to me. This is the manifestation of the power and glory of God in creation. Taking time daily to behold God's creation is my reality check, my pause to catch my breath, my mental and spiritual rest stop.

Glen Childress (North Carolina, U.S.A.) from Upper Room, January 14, 2002

* * *

This Week in Our Church . . .

Sunday                        Baptism of the Lord Sunday & 2 Cents a Meal

              8:45 Breakfast

              9:30 Sunday School & Worship

            10:45 Refreshments

            11:00 Worship & KFC

              4:00 New Members Class       


              1:15 Bible Study

              6:00 Senior Youth         


              7:00 Personnel Committee                     


            11:30 Lunch Bunch

              7:00 Trustees                    


              4:30 Lions & Lambs

              6:30 Handbell Choir Rehearsal

              7:45 Chancel Choir Rehearsal


              6:00 “Back to Mayberry”


            Lions & Lambs to Ocean Aquarium





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