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June 13 , 2008

TThis Sunday is Father’s Day.  As an expression of our appreciation to the spiritual heads of our families the first 60 dads in attendance will receive a gift.

Sunday is also Graduate Sunday.  Our Christian Education Committee will be recognizing those who will be graduating this year.  Congratulations!

Pastor will be speaking from Matthew 9:35-10:8

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This weekend is the last Sunday of our winter schedule.  Starting next Sunday, June 22, there will be one service at 10:00 a.m.  Kids from kindergarten through grade 3 will leave to go to 40 Minute Club during the service.  Refreshments will be served on the front lawn.

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Friday, June 20, the Doug Jablonski Men’s Fellowship is sponsoring a trip to the Battleship New Jersey in Camden.  We will leave from the church at 9:30 for the 10:30 tour. Cost is $12.00.  We will stop for lunch on the way home.  Wear your walking shoes!  Sign up in the vestibule.

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The Absecon Community Vacation Bible School can use donations of individually wrapped dry snacks and juice bags/boxes will be in the vestibule.  Also, teacher volunteers are needed.  If you are willing to help please call Liz Sabath at 809-0068.  See Sande Galushka for more information.

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Please remember in prayer ~

Erin Nassif – continued fever

Charles Follansbee

Les Hutchinson – chemo

Bill & Ida Juhrs

Victims of continuing weather disasters

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A Love Letter for The Father, on Father's Day

By Aaron Bull

For all things you've lead me through and taught me

And for promising me that you will never leave me

Through and through you've shown me the ropes

Helping me in anything and everything I face

Everyday you're there for me by simply calling your name

Rarely do I get to thank you enough. So on this special day, I do exactly that.

Thank you for being my father!


Dear Father, Daddy, God and Jehovah;

What a day!? A day to remember who has taught me, guided me and instilled wisdom in me my entire life. You have promised countless times that you love me. You have promised countless times that you will never leave me. You even went so far as to show me how much you love me by sending your only Son. Can I ask for anything else? Of course I can, and I always do. As any good father would do, you do what you feel is right in whether or not I should get what I ask for.

I hope one day to be even half or even a quarter of the Father you've been to me. I hope that when my kids need something, I'm there for them as you have been for me. I hope that when my kids have questions, that I'm there for them as you have been for me. I hope that when they are going through good times or bad that I'm there for them, just as you have always been there for me.

So I end this letter by thanking you for being my Father and by writing that I have been VERY blessed by being one of your children! Furthermore, I want to thank for your undivided attention for me by treating me as your only child when I'm talking, even though you have countless children.

Happy Father's Day! Love your son, Aaron

From CBN.com

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This Week in Our Church . . .


            11:45 Prime-Timers Maurice River Tour (second tour 4-6 p.m.)

Saturday          Flag Day

            10:30 Canoe Trip

Sunday                        Honoring Dads & Grads

              9:30 Sunday School & Worship

            10:45 Refreshments

            11:00 Worship


              9:30 Trip to Battleship New Jersey


Saturday          First Day of Summer

            General Assembly convenes in San Jose, CA


Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. - I Corinthians 13:7