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April 2010

Verse of the Month:“Therefore God also highly exalted him and gave him the name that is above every name.” ~ Philippians 2:9

The Presbyterian Church at Absecon

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Holy Week is the last week of Lent (March 28 – April 4).  It is the holiest time in the church year as we walk with our Lord ever closer to the cross.  Please plan on being present for the following services with our sister churches.  Note that none of these services take place in our church.

Holy Thursday Communion 7:00 p.m. at Absecon Methodist.  Pastor Cobb will speak.

Good Friday noonday vigil at the cross at Church of Saint Mark and All Saints on Pitney Road.  Two pastors will speak.

Easter Sunrise Service at Heritage Park gazebo at 7:00 a.m. April 4.  Be with us for a glorious celebration of Easter Resurrection Power!


The first Sunday in April is Easter, and Pastors Cobb and Reedell will both be away the second Sunday, so our April communion will be observed in the Methodist Church at 7:00 p.m. on Holy Thursday (April 1).  Please join with our Methodist brothers and sisters for this celebration of the very first communion.  Our pastor will be speaking.


An annual tradition in our church is to decorate the cross in the front yard with live flowers on Easter morning.  Don’t forget to bring some with you that day.  There will be a wire mesh around the cross to make it easy to insert flowers.


Pastors Cobb and Reedell, Tom Sooy and others will be out of the country April 6-14.  The session meeting for April will be cancelled unless there is an emergency need.




The Christian Education Committee planned a March meeting to continue working towards our vision and goals for 2010.  We are working with other committees and teams in the church on a range of efforts to keep our children engaged in the life of the church.

The weather is finally warming up, and the Christian Education and youth programs have an exciting spring schedule.  March and April bring us some great activities for Easter, and the youth groups are planning trips and mission work to welcome spring.

The Sunday School program continues to do a wonderful job teaching our children to walk with the Lord.

The Lions and Lambs program meets after Sunday School on the first Sunday of each month, leading right into the monthly Agape Lunch.  This program is run by the parents with guidance and support from Priscilla and is a fun time for kids and parents alike.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, come on out and join us!  At our March meeting, the children made the new "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord" banner that is proudly displayed for our Lenten journey.

The A2J youth program is going strong under the direction of Janna Beth Cobb and Jim McManus, and the Senior Youth Group, led by Karen Muldoon and Jack Cobb, has been very active as well.

The Bible Study groups and Circles, led by Rev. Gerry Reedell, welcome adults to continue their spiritual growth.

Thanks to all for your continued efforts to support and provide these wonderful opportunities for Christian Education to the members of our church!

Yours in Christ,
Scott Sabo, Chair


The cast did a terrific job performing “Jesus Was, Jesus Is” on March 21st.  The luncheon and Easter egg hunt were a lot of fun too.  A big thank you goes out to everyone who helped stuff eggs, hide eggs, bring food, cook food, supervise the hunt, supervise the craft project, set up the tables, and break down the tables.  In other words, all that fun could not have taken place if it hadn’t been for you!  Also, the Sunday School raised $100 from its brownie sale to send to Haiti for relief.  Thanks to all who supported this project.

Up Coming Events



PreK-K                                    Call to Worship with 2 Songs
Grades 1-2                    Greeters and Pass Bulletins, Special Music
Grades 3-4                    Ushers for Offering, Special Music
Grades 5-6                    Drama, Special Music
Grades 7-8                    Responsive Reading
Grades 9-12                  Jr. Sermon, Scripture Reading


Keep up the great work everyone.  God must be pleased.

In His Name,

Lions and Lambs’ Great Events

In March, Lions and Lambs learned ways to prepare their hearts for the coming of Easter.  We made great paper chains with 28 different activities that we could do.  We also made footprints in purple paint.  JoAnn Sabo cut them out and placed them on the banner which is now hanging in the vestibule, “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord.”

On April 11th Lions and Lambs will combine a mission project with bowling.  We are hoping to find many sponsors who will donate a penny to an individual for every pin that they knock down.  Our project is called “Pennies for Pins.”  Please volunteer to support one of our young people.  All money raised will benefit the people at Sr. Jean’s Kitchen.  Bowlers are welcome to pick up sponsor envelopes and begin to find sponsors.  Ask and you shall receive.

On April 11th we’ll be leaving the church parking lot at 11:00 am to head to Strike Zone where we will bowl from 11:30 – 1:00.  We will return to the church by 1:30 pm.  The cost is $5 per person and includes shoes, pizza, and soda.  Anyone between the ages of K-5th grade is welcome to join us.  We also welcome friends and newcomers.  Call Priscilla at 641-4877 if you have any questions.



Wow, A2J has been pretty active!  In addition to cleaning our adopted road, we coordinated with the Deacons to deliver food to shut-ins.  We devoted one session to playing cooperative games (where there are no losers) and studied the importance of teamwork.  Another time our junior highers listed groups of people at their schools and discussed how to best relate to others as Christians.  Some of our church members enjoyed refereeing for a good old fashioned game of cutthroat scooter hockey.

Our Galactic Bowling night was well attended by parents and young adults alike, and much fun was had by all!  Chris Harvey won the award for Best Victory Dance After a Strike, and Chris Hughes won the award for Miraculous Antigravity Ball (his ball leaped out of the gutter and knocked down eight pins).  Upcoming plans include continuing with our regular mission projects and a trip to ACUA for Earth Day on Sunday, April 25.

In Christ,
Janna Beth (641-1102)
Jim McManus (204-0252)


Our mission project is the same as last year's, only this year we are staring from seeds.  I am very happy to say that we have about 6 tomato plants sprouting, a few jalapenos, and string beans are also popping up.  The vegetables that we grow are taken to the food bank.  The group will be tilling the garden on March 29th.  The planting will be done further into spring.

March 29th will be our last official meeting.  Between spring break and Jack and Kendal's wedding we are wrapping up a little early this year.  Because of this we will be getting together more in the spring and summer months.  They just had a bowling trip.  A pool party and surf lessons are in the works, and of course we will meet several times to tend to the vegetable garden.

I am encouraging the group to make a special effort to attend church on communion Sundays and STAY for communion.  I know that high school is a very busy time and that weekends are very valuable.  The church van is available if you need a ride.

Please note that we do have a group page on face book if you would like to become a friend.  Also, I do try and send out a mass text to everyone to remind them of what's coming up.  Please make sure I have your cell phone numbers.  I have also taken over some space on the bulletin board.  Please scan it every so often for notices of events.  If you would like to post something you think the group would be interested in PLEASE tack it up!!

If you have any questions please feel free to call me any time.

Karen Muldoon
Co-director/Senior Youth Group


Confirmation is a six-week process for young people between the ages of 14-20.  There are assignments, sermon note taking, verses to memorize, etc.  But when it is over you know what a Christian is, what the church is, what a Presbyterian is, and a little more about God’s plan for your life.

Please call the office or see the pastor.  Confirmation takes place the middle of June.  This is a very special time in the life of any young person.  Come and discover your place in the church!


The Doug Jablonski Men’s Fellowship will meet for breakfast on April 3 at 8:30 a.m.  We will discuss the Mother/Daughter Banquet to be tentatively held May 23. 

Breakfast will be pancakes.  Just $3.  Stay tuned.



There will be no Women’s Circles in the month of April because several of us will be traveling in Ireland.  Sarah Circle will meet in Cobb Lounge at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 5th.  Martha Circle will meet at the home of Carol Thomas at 10:00 a.m. Thursday, May 6th.  The Ruth Circle will meet at the home of Betsy Cunius at 1:00 p.m. Friday, May 7th.

Thank you to all the women who donated goodies for the college boxes.  On Tuesday, March 16th we prepared boxes for 22 college students.



I truly would like to say a thank you to all the members of the Worship Committee who have made my transition to Chair of this committee a smooth one.  I would like to give a special thank you to Ron Pfeiffer for guiding me through the last few months and helping me to become familiar with my new role.  

Thank you to Ilsa Smith for stepping up to the role of scheduling communion servers and Irene Hunter for scheduling ushers.  I also would like to welcome Bob Hunter, Joanie Hoenes and Barbara Morgan to our Worship Committee team.

Worship Committee had their first 2010 meeting on February 20th and also held a follow up meeting with the Visioning Team on February 6th, 2010.  Thank you, Visioning Team, for having patience during the time of transition of the new chair.  Hopefully we will continue to work together to meet the goals of our church’s future growth.

Janice Bond, Chair


Esther Bhatti, daughter of Sarfraz and Jacqueline Bhatti, will be baptized at the 11:00 a.m. service on April 25.

There will be a lunch/reception for the entire congregation in Madden Hall following the service.  There will be a variety of foods, sandwich trays and dessert.  Come and enjoy.

Irfan and Sarfraz’s mother will also be present.  She has moved here from Gujranwala, Pakistan.  Her name is Mrs. Chiriagh Bhatti, and she will live in the Bhatti’s new house on 6th Avenue in Galloway.




We held a mission meeting on March 6th.  We sent $1000.00 to Church World Service for Chile disaster relief to help recovery efforts after they suffered an earth quake.  Also, on March 21st a few members of the Mission Group drove to Leesburg, NJ to look at a possible summer mission trip. 

Russ Adkisson Jr, Chairman


By the time you read this we would have had three Minutes for Mission with bulletin inserts.  Now it’s time to dig deep for the world’s poor and suffering.  So please give generously for Haiti, Chile, 3rd world schools, Self Development of People, and many other causes covered through your OGHS gifts.  This is our chance to give back for all that Jesus has given for us.  There is an envelope attached to your Good News for this.  There are also envelopes in the pew racks.


I’m happy to report that two more Ugandan children have been sponsored by members of our church family through Real Partners Uganda.


At least two more church members are in the process of sponsoring a child through Real Partners Uganda.  The church members who have sponsored a child have been proudly showing off photos of “their child”.  Anyone interested in learning more about Real Partners Uganda and their wonderful ministry, please contact Gerry at 404-9271.



February proved to be another unusual month for our church.  Another mega snow storm on the weekend resulted in the second Sunday closure of the winter.  Thus, giving was reduced.  Last year, our February giving for four Sundays was $12,603.40; this year it is $11,609.07 for three Sundays.  Hopefully, you will remember to meet your financial obligation for February 7, 2010, when the church held no service due to this storm.  Finally, it is spring, the temperature is hitting 70, winter is a distant memory and life is good!

Statistical Report for February

                        Budget for 2010                                                $222,419.00
                        Budgetary needs through 2/28/10                        $  38,502.00

                        Our giving through 2/28/10                                 $  28,544.02
                        Investment Income                                            $    3,057.66
                        Rental Income (net)                                           $    4,081.40
                                                Total                                         $  35,683.08

                        Amount under budget                                        $    2,818.92


Average weekly giving by month

   2010                                        2009                        
January             $3261.49                                   $3689.44
February           $3059.14                                   $3150.85

Gerald W. Hoenes
Stewardship Committee Chairperson


On March 17 a gutter was replaced on the sanctuary.  The ice broke off the old one.

About the same time we received the last snow removal bill - $835.00.  We are glad this winter is over.

On March 8 Gallo Roofing replaced part of the roof and fixed several leaks.

The cost of these three items was over $5,000.  Yes, it was a bad winter.

Is your weekly giving up to date?  The balance in the General Fund has been going down due to the above needs that had to be taken care of.


March was a very busy month around our church, so we want to thank many people.



  1. Rebuilding the toilet in the nursery
  2. Fixing the leak in the Stopfer building gutter system
  3. Treating the mold in the attic of the Leek House with bleach (Pastor helped)
  4. Putting up the crosses in the front yard and in the front of the sanctuary
  5. Shoveling snow





The Real Story of Easter
By Jack Heil and Dee Heil

The real story of Easter is a sad one, it’s true
But remember that Jesus died to help save me and you
He was sentenced to death and put on a cross
The devil had taken some people over, they thought he was the boss.

But Jesus asked His father in heaven above
To forgive everyone and show them His love
They know not what they do on this sad day
But you are truly their God who will show them the way.

There were so many people who loved Him so much
For He had helped to heal so many just with His touch
It must have been sad to see Jesus hanging up there
On the cross with a robe and His body half bare.

When God had taken His son, there was thunder and rain
God knew that He suffered enough with so much pain
They had taken the body to a tomb and sealed it tight
But on the third day He arose and was not in sight.

God had prepared a kingdom for His son to come home
And for all that believe in Him you will never be alone
They say when you die that you’ll see the light
That you will be at peace every day and night.

As time goes on so many people don’t seem to remember
The real story of Easter that all started one day in December
With the birth of Jesus who laid in a manger of hay
And how it all ended and He rose on Easter Day.







Get your Windex and gloves and join us at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 10, for our spring work day.  We will wash windows, hang screens, rake and fertilize the front yard, etc.  join us.  Many hands make light work.  Refreshments will be served.


You may have noticed that the cross screens above the choir loft and the piano have been torn for years and very dirty.  On March 20 they were replaced with a filter type screen to catch the dirt better.  (These screens serve the return air system of the air conditioning – that’s why they get so dirty.)

Many thanks to Elaine Risley for taking care of this need.  Yes, Elaine, now they are clean!


Thanks to several generous donors, the winter fund raiser topped out at over $25,000!  We are delighted at this, and the entire amount will go toward debt reduction on the loan we made to purchase the Leek House last July.


Cemetery niches are now for sale in our new columbarium.  Call the office if interested.



It’s such a pleasure to see the sun on a regular basis!

I would like to thank everyone for volunteering to make sandwiches, desserts and work in the kitchen to make our Lenten Lunch a big success.

Just a reminder to committee members – our next meeting will be April 27 at 7 p.m.

Tina Brown


Would you like to learn the basics of acrylic painting from a professional?  You can because we will have artist Bonnie Cavalier from the Galloway Cultural Art Center at our April meeting teaching us how.  What a great opportunity!

See you there!  Bring a sandwich and a friend.  Desert and a beverage will be served.

Praise for Him,
Joanna Howell


We know it’s a later date but the pastor will be in Ireland the week we normally go.  Meet at the church at 11:30 to travel to Allen’s Clam Bar, or meet us at Allen’s at noon.


As summer approaches, it is time for some of our hard-working committees and busy programs to wind down for a few months before all the activities start up again in September.  To help prepare us for the leisurely days of summer, our own Naida Burgess will lead us in some Stress Reduction and Relaxation Exercises.  We will learn how to relax through breathing and movement.  Wear comfortable clothes and get ready to laugh and have a fun time.

Just bring a covered dish to share and join us at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 1st, for a pleasant evening.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chicken-Pot-Pye-Dinner $10 & $5
Served 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. by “Nancy & Friends”
Call Joanie until April 4 (641-1839) Sorry, NO REFUNDS
Call Doris Wood April 5-15 (641-1611)

(PLEASE CALL IF YOU MUST CANCEL – We are nearly sold out)

Bryan Popin’s Piano Concert follows at 7:00 p.m.

All Seats Reserved
(If needed, a Wait-List will be kept - - -
Event planned by your Fellowship Committee – Tina Brown, Chair)


Due to the Easter holiday, which falls on the first Sunday of April, there will not be an Agape Lunch in this month.  See you in May.

Hi-Lites and Up-Dates on Bryan Popin

From Bryan’s 3 prior concerts with us many may recall that:



In recent years, Bryan has produced 9 albums, written over 150 selections, is involved with Christian mission trips to Kenya and South Africa to construct clean-water-wells, provide food, health-care and education---has partnered with World Vision and Lifewater International.


(As D. James Kennedy humbly said – “How do I preach after something that powerful?”)




On May 20th our pastor will be “locked up” at Renault Winery for one hour to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  If you can help with his “bail” please tell him.

The money raised not only works for a cure but provides funding for summer camps, programs, and services for victims of this disease.  


Courtney Gras and her Galloway PAL traveling girls’ basketball team won their season championship.  Congratulations, Courtney!

John Harvey, Jr finished his wrestling season at the State Wrestling Championships in Atlantic City.  John took sixth place and registered his 100th win.  Very impressive!


Our own Jack Cobb will be married to Kendal McBrearty, granddaughter of Jill and Harry Williamson, at 2:30 p.m. on April 17.  Jack is the son of Pastor & Mrs. Cobb and is a Senior Youth Co-director.  He helps around the church, and his waterslide was a big hit at last year’s picnics (not to mention his go-cart). 

On March 14 there was a big bridal shower in Madden Hall for Kendall.  She got a truckload of stuff.

The couple will reside at The Landings apartments.  Jack works at Purdy’s body repair and Kendal is a special education teacher in Vineland.  We wish them both the very best!


On April 15th, I will be officially opening my law practice located at 329 E. Jimmie Leeds Road in Galloway, N.J.  This practice is devoted to serving individuals and families with needs including:


Please stop by to say “hi” while we’re setting up shop.  I will be around all week and would be happy to visit with you then.  If you can’t make it during that week, but would like to chat about a legal issue, please feel free to call me at (609) 916-0178 or e-mail me at brgillis@gillislaw.net.

Borden “Bob” Gillis

Dear Deacons,

Thank you for the Shoprite cards for Thanksgiving and Christmas and the Goodie Bags once in a while.  Thank you, small nursery children, for the cookies and other things in my bags.  Thanks everyone who gives me birthday cards every year.  Also, thank you, Dave Cobb, for bringing me home from the hospital last time and saying prayers for me.

Mayanna Clay

* * * * *

Robbie Krause
363-0678 (new phone number)




The In His Presence congregation’s praise band cut their first CD last month.  It’s pretty good.  If you would like a copy, call the office.  Cost is $10.




Our 2010 flower calendar is now hanging in the vestibule.  If you would like to purchase altar flowers for any particular Sunday of the year please sign up to reserve your date!  The cost for a single urn is $25.00 or $40.00 or two for $40.  Order forms are available in an envelope next to the chart to be filled in and returned to the church office with your payment.  This will help the secretary know what you would like printed in the Sunday bulletin.


Do we have your email address?  If not, email the church office (absecon_presby@msn.com) and ask to be added to our list of contacts to get weekly updates, announcements and information.  You don’t know what you’re missing!  


Remember, Deadlines are Important!

“Good Morning” (Sunday bulletin announcements) – Noon Thursday
“The Presby Post” (That Friday email thing) – 9:00 a.m. Friday
“Good News” (Monthly newsletter) – 20th of the month

Articles are to be in writing and submitted to the office (via email preferred) by that day.  Please keep in mind it may be necessary to edit due to space limitations.




4     9:30 Richard & Doris Wood
     11:00 Jean Delesantro
11   9:30 David & Naida Burgess
     11:00 Joanna Howell
18   9:30 Dottie McCaffrey
     11:00 Norm Johnson & Marge McGuigan
25   9:30 Grade 1-2
     11:00 Tina Brown


4     9:30 Scott Sabo
     11:00 Tina Brown
11   9:30
18   9:30 Janice Bond
     11:00 Janice Piccirilli
25   9:30 Grades 7-8 & 9-12
     11:00 Joanie Hoenes


4     9:30 Vic & Rita Abelson
     11:00 Joanna Howell & Leslie Harvey
11   9:30 David & Judy Stebbins
     11:00 Dianna Lease & Dawn Duran
18   9:30 Bob Wilkenloh & Eric Newell
     11:00 Bob & Chris Gillis
25   9:30 Joe Marshall & Greg Hamaty
     11:00 Olga Davies & Jean Delesantro


4   Tammy Suarez & Edith Budd
11 Dick & Doris Wood
18 Jo-ann Weller & Dawn Lewis
25 Grade 3-4


4     9:30 Carol Jorgensen
     11:00 Mary Bew
11   9:30 Irene Hunter
     11:00 Mary Bew
18   9:30 Jo-ann Weller
     11:00 Mary Bew
25   9:30 Jinny Wolcott
     11:00 Mary Bew

NURSERY (9:30)

4   Dawn Lewis
11 Alice Malfi
18 Bob Hudak
25 Jennifer Platt


4   Kevin Kelly
11 Jose Achamizo
18 Russ Adkisson III
25 Vic Abelson


4   Lee Wolff
11 Kris Jenoriki
18 Melissa Dischert
25 Dawn Duran
     Toshie Legg


4   No Breakfast
11 Set-up –
     Cook –
     Clean-up –
18 Set-up – Roger & Jinny Wolcott
     Cook – Richard & Doris Wood
     Clean-up –
25 Set-up –
     Cook –
     Clean-up –




“If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will give life to your mortal bodies also through his Spirit that dwells in you.” ~ Romans 8:11

I must admit that I was moved to see health care reform passed into law.  It’s not that I need health care (the church provides Blue Cross/Blue Shield for my family), but I have seen the fear and despair in the faces of those who do.  Sadly, health care is something people don’t think about until they need it.  Or worse, they assume their health is good so why bother just yet.  So millions of college graduates have none, and every day 5,000 homes of middle class families are sold to pay their health care bills.  We would all hope that part of health care reform is an increasing effort to hold employers and individuals accountable. The fear is that companies and individuals will continue to ignore this important need.  We Americans consume more fats, sodium, and additives than almost anybody in the western world.  We exercise less, and seem not to care about life style.  At the same time the number of people who have no health care goes up.  We are an accident waiting to happen.

But will any legislation make people eat, exercise, and live better?  Or will any legislation convince people to get yearly checkups or check out “problems” that might be a sign of something serious?  I don’t know.

What I do know is that it doesn’t seem to make much difference in “spiritual care”.  We already have “universal” spiritual care.  There are churches everywhere.  And Bibles in most motel rooms.  And Bible studies for any and all who want to come.  We like you to contribute, but it’s always free if you can’t.  As a culture we are becoming detached, hopeless, anxious, and faithless.  The problem is not finding spiritual care.  The problem is getting people to care.  15% of Americans have no religious affiliation and the census bureau says that number is likely to climb.  We seem resigned to spiritual darkness.

Next week is Easter – a day to celebrate hope, life, resurrection, God’s love and all that is good about existence.  So come and be spiritually uplifted.  It doesn’t take an act of congress to make it happen.  All you need do is to recognize your need and come.  Let your fellow Christians and the resurrected Jesus do the rest.  This faithlift is free.

Happy Easter!


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